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Central Track Article

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We were interviewed and featured in the Central Track by writer and photographer Travis Baugh!


Intrinsic Smokehouse & Brewery stands on West State Street, just off the historic Garland city square. Intrinsic is not your average barbecue joint — mostly because it’s also a brew pub that offers quality craft beer alongside its quality craft barbecue, all in a hip rustic setting.

“We have equal focus on barbecue and beer,” says Cary Hodson, owner and brewmaster.

With Intrinsic open every day from 11 a.m. until at least 10 p.m. (it goes dark on Mondays), it’s a great spot to stop to get a bite for lunch or to grab a beer. With live music in the evenings, it’s also a nice, relaxed dinner environment.
Full article here:–Brewery-Is-Anything-But-Boring

Downtown Garland gets and Oktoberfest

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Come out and join us for our 1st Annual Crunktoberfest Beer Festival. We will be releasing our NEW beer, an imperial Marzen/Octoberfest, Crunktoberfest! We plan on having 8 Texas breweries here in one location for you guys to check out. Feel free to find your favorite beer, talk to each brewery, and enjoy some live music all in one place.
What different about this Octoberfest beer festival?
Great food
More Exclusive and Smaller Crowd
More BEER and less lines

First 250 people only
VIP(online only): $35 – 11am entry, five 6oz pours and a Pork Sammich
Gen Adm(online): $25 – 12pm entry, and five 6oz pours
At the door: $30 – 12pm – 3pm and five – 6oz pours
Additional Beer Cards: $5

Texas Beer:
3 Nations
Big Bend
Guns & Oil
Rabit Hole

Live Music TBD:
Saturday, October 1, 2016 from 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM

Food Truck for the Hungry

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Square food flight IntrinsicSquare Food Truck, a renovated airstream trailer will be selling desserts during lunch and dinner once a week at Intrinsic Smokehouse & Brewery
All of the proceeds go towards Garland area missions. You can find the Square Food Truck rolling into low income apartments and feeding everyone free dinner.
Treat yourself AND feed your community!

Homemade Ice-cream Sandwich
Grilled Nutella
Banana Pudding
Lemonade Pie
Espresso Sunday
Dessert Waffle (bacon & snikers!)

Dont forget to join our Events Page:

Dallas Observer Article

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We were recently feature in the Dallas Observer!
Intrinsic Smokehouse Tests Barbecue Boundaries With New Dishes — Including a Meat Sundae
Chris Wolfgang spent some time at Intrinsic trying and reviewing our daily Pitmaster Specials
Check out the full article here then come try them for yourself: Dallas Observer Article

Come and take it … Till sold out

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You hear about a great BBQ joint like the new Intrinsic Smokehouse & Brewpub from your food and craft beer loving friends and you vow to try it out soon. Maybe you end up stopping in on a Saturday night after a day out with friends, ready to devour a plate of brisket and a cold glass of the tamarind habanero ale that they raved about a couple weeks ago. You go to the back counter to place your order and you hear the dreaded words, “Sorry, we’re out of brisket.” You think to yourself, “You’ve got to be joking, what kind of BBQ place doesn’t prepare enough brisket for a busy Saturday night?” Thankfully Pitmaster Tex offers up some other delicious looking options to try, and after popping a corn nugget into your mouth you think, “Ok this place might be alright after all.”

The place is crowded but some friendly strangers take pity on you and invite you to join them at one of the several family-style tables scattered throughout the brewpub. You set your food down and head to the bar. At this point you can practically already taste the beer. A friendly bartender asks for your order. “I’ll take a pint of the tamarind habanero ale please.” “Ooh, sorry man we just ran out of that, can I offer you a sample of the double IPA we just tapped instead?” Somewhat reluctantly you agree and you find yourself pleasantly surprised by the intense citrus and pine flavors merged with a high level of hoppiness that’s remarkably drinkable. You may have come into Intrinsic expecting one experience, but with a little open-mindedness and flexibility it turns out even better than imagined.

First, let’s address the brisket issue. Why would a BBQ place run out of it’s most popular meat on a weekend? The answer is simple, quality over quantity. The best brisket is cooked low and slow for hours on end. Intrinsic’s own Pitmaster Tex starts his day at 5:00am to ensure each brisket is properly cooked in his smoker, lovingly named Tara. As Tex puts it, “This isn’t your mass produced chain-restaurant brisket. We don’t have an unending supply and we refuse to serve our customers day-old meat.” Great BBQ is an artform and Tex protects the integrity and quality of all the meats he smokes. Deciding how much meat to smoke each day without running out or creating waste is a game of balance requiring educated guesses matched with instinct. Along with the ever popular brisket, Intrinsic offers pork, chicken, ribs, two types of sausage, and rotating specials such as turkey and pastrami. The menu also expands after three to include nachos, flatbreads, and finger-licking smoked wings. Yes it can be frustrating when a restaurant runs out of a favorite item, however there will always be more tomorrow and in the meantime you can explore a variety of other delicious choices.

Now let’s talk about beer. Why would Intrinsic rotate their beers so often? Don’t you want to give the customers what they want and come to expect? The answer to this is multifaceted. Brewing is as much a labor of love as it is a science. Owner and Head Brewer Cary Hodson is always looking for innovative recipes and experimental brews. His head is constantly spinning with ideas and ways to creatively push the brewing envelope. A great example of this is the award winning Honey Basil Hefeweizen. At the time he first brewed this recipe Cary was pursuing his latest interest, beekeeping. What makes more sense than a beekeeper utilizing local honey in a brew? With this unique take on craft brewing it’s no wonder new beers are constantly popping up on the menu.

Another facet of beer selection involves considering what beers from other local breweries are currently on tap at Intrinsic. With a curated draft menu of seven or more house brews and 15 rotating guest taps, it’s important to offer a balance of styles and flavors to please a variety of palates, encourage experimentation, and pair well with the mostly BBQ menu. For example, offering three-different IPAs might please a select few beer nerds, but that would leave little options left for the beer-drinker just dipping their toe into the water of the craft beer world. And keep in mind, samples are always available, and the bartenders are more than happy to offer suggestions if your first choice has run out or is no longer on tap. If you are still not sure what to order with so many new choices available, try a flight of four 4oz beers. Intrinsic is dedicated to serving their customers and supporting their hometown community with first-rate beer and BBQ in an inviting setting you’ll want to come back to time and time again. Come and take it … Till sold out.
Written by Shanae Graf

What is a Growler

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What Is a Beer Growler?

Jeff Flowers explains it best:

”Simply put, a beer growler is a container or vessel that is used for the transport of beer. It can also be described as an air-tight jug, typically made out of glass, ceramic or stainless steel that allows you to take draft beer from one place to another without a degradation of quality.

A Quick History of Growlers

The origin of the term “growler” is the subject of debate, and likely, the true story will never be known. But as the story goes, in the latter half of the 1800’s, growlers referred to metal pails that were used to transport beer from the local tavern to an individual’s home.

There are those who believe the term arose from the sound that the pail’s cover made from the escaping carbon dioxide, while others believed the growling came from another source.

The latter belief is that either the bartender or the customer would be responsible for the growling, as the bartender was supposed to fill the half-gallon container with only a pint of beer, while the customer wanted to get a pail that had much more than just a pint. Whichever party was left dissatisfied would “growl” about the issue, hence the very apt term.

There was actually a period of time in which the use of growlers was outlawed, mainly stemming from the fact that children were often sent out to pick up a pail full of beer for their father. This chain of custody issue caused alarm in many of the same types of people who worked in support of prohibition, and the alarm led many cities to outlaw the use of these containers altogether. The beer growler eventually regained popularity, and the present form of container is among the most widely used for transporting craft beer from its source. “

For the full article including “Types of Growlers” and “Benefits of Growlers” see the original post by

Growler Intrinsic Brewpub


Crawfish Boil & Beer Release Party

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beer mug with crawfish  on white background

beer mug with crawfish on white background

Crawfish Boil & Beer Release Party
As many of you have heard, we are hosting an all you can eat crawfish boil on our giant patio this weekend.

Here is where it gets awesome:
Tamarind Habanero Ale is back! Be one of the first to try the latest version. Get your ticket online and save $5 AND your first round is on us.

Here is where it gets more awesomer:
We are also releasing Craft Micheladas. We will make a michelada with any beer on tap! Think about the amazing options that will continually rotate:
Short Schwarz Michelada
Tamarind Habanero Michelada
ooooh and Tara Smoked Lager Michelada

Hope to see you there. Get tickets:

Here is where it gets most awesomest: be sure to stick around for the Acoustic Kleptos starting at 7pm

Cash and Elvis

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The Stardom Entertainments production of Cash and the King, starring Bennie Wheels and Kraig Parker, is just a month away. I’m looking forward to seeing you all at the show.
A Meet “n” Greet is scheduled following the event at the INTRINSIC Smokehouse & Brewery and everyone is invited. INTRINSIC is located in old historic Downtown Garland, just a couple doors east of the Plaza. They will be serving up handcrafted beers and an after-hours menu. Slow smoked BBQ plus other goodies will be offered on a first-come, first-serve basis before the Cash and the King show. INTRINSIC makes everything fresh daily and never serves items from previous days. That’s why that run out of items daily.

So plan on really good BBQ before the show and a fun Meet’n’Greet following the show.

Chase & Elvis Poster

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Lots going on in Visit Garland, TX Downtown Garland this weekend!

State Street Pub & Grillt is hosting a Rib Competition

Resurrected Designs is hosting The Urban Flea by Resurrected Designs with free test drives by Prestige Ford

There is more shopping to do at Trims and Treasures On Main across the street.

Good Samaritans of Garland, Inc., Square Food Truck, Save The World Brewing Co., and Intrinsic Smokehouse & Brewery are teaming up for a #TapTakeover and can food drive.
Generator is having its first Brunch Sunday starting at 9am!!!!! sam flyer Intrinsic Brewing