Budweiser Superbowl Commercial 2016 Spoof Response by Intrinsic Brewing

By February 24, 2016 April 28th, 2016 Videos

Budweiser loves to mock craft breweries and will continue to do so. They will also continue to be foreign owned. AB InBev will continue to buy up smaller craft breweries like Elysian Brewing, who actually makes a “Pumpkin Peach Ale”. Anheuser is back this year with part two of “Brewed the Hard Way” last year’s Superbowl 2015 campaign with “Not Backing Down” https://youtu.be/rF711XAtrVg (superbowl 2016)
Last year, several Creft Breweries responded with their own video spoofs; such as Nikasi Brewing: https://youtu.be/ZEKqLxtjwDQ
Hopstories also made a good one: https://youtu.be/VCgkTeuJkR8
We at Intrinsic Brewing recently opened our Smokehouse & Brewery and thought we would join in the fun. Budweiser insists that they are: Not Ponies, Not a Hobby, Not Small, Not Sipped, Not Soft, Not Imported, Not a Fruit Cup, Not Following, Not for Everyone, Not Backing Down, This Bud’s for You.
We are Not Ponies, No Longer a Hobby, Not Soft, Enjoyable – Not Always Sipped, Not Pretending To Be Domestic and American Owned, Not Basic, Not Imported, All Craft On Tap, This Brew’s For You
We work hard.
We care about the quality of our beer.
We make approachable and bold beers.
We want people to drink what they like and have fun doing so.
We are American owned.
We are and support local with #allcraftontap.
We are Not Backing Down.

Oh and by the way… we also make some of the best Texas BBQ. Drop by sometime
Intrinsic Smokehouse & Brewery
509 W State Street
Garland TX 75040

Disclaimer: 3 cans of wonderfully crafted beer were shotguned “renegade style” during the making of this film. We want to thank the following breweries in order of which their cans were destroyed with our bare hands and consumed by our bearded faces:
Lakewood Brewery – Lakewood Lager
Deep Ellum Brewery – Easy Peasy IPA
Deep Ellum Brewery – Dallas Blonde
Martin House Brewery – Cellarman’s Reserve IPA (drank by the camera man)

Produced by PH Productions

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