State of Intrinsic Address

During the Covid-19 “shutdown” we will have to operate differently. This is to serve as a guide on how to support us and what changes have been made.
First off, we are dedicated to the safety of customers and staff. We are doing our best to keep people employed while maintaining a future for Intrinsic as a whole.
From all of us, Thank You! Your support make this all possible.

Are you open?

Yes, we are open with modified hours. Monday 12-6 for beer and meal kits. Tuesday-Sunday 11-9

How do I order?

Come on in and place an order with the bar for beer and back counter for food just like before. However, you can not stay and eat unfortunately.

  • Call 972-272-2400 for pre orders.
  • We also do curbside service (just call when you get here)
  • You can order delivery through the link at the top right of our website

Can I get beer?

ABSOLUTELY! We have put most of our beers into cans for easy transport and are releasing new beers all the time. We also can our sangria, margaritas, mimosas, and sodas. Call to order, or come in and pick what you like.

Do y’all still offer specials?


Sunday – Brunch Survival Kit
Tues – Chicken Fried Brisket 5pm pick up (order ahead starting Tues 11am)
Wed – BBQ Potatos all day till sold out
Thur – Brisket Tacos (3 for $6.50)
Saturday – Pastrami

Do you have your full menu?

We have our full menu Tuesday-Sunday (Some items may sell out)

What is a Meal Kit?

A meal kit is a chilled version of our 2 meat plate. They come pre packaged with 1/2lb of meat and 2 sides. They can be refrigerated for several days, frozen, or popped in the microwave right away.

What is a Charity Kit?

Similar to a meal kit but for a cause. Purchase one of these and we will deliver it to first responders and healthcare workers. They can be purchased over the phone and through our website. (Main page, scroll down until you see the “First Responder Meal Kit” button.

Do you really have a Meatless Menu?

Yes, we have some great meatless options. However, they are not all vegan.
Jackfruit Sammich is vegan unless you add cole slaw
Improbable Burger can be vegan, just ask for no cheese
Meatless Wings are vegetarian, but the batter contains egg

Do you have any Gluten Free Items?

Yes, all of our meats, rubs, and sauces are gluten free. We also have salads, cream corn, beans, greens, & wings.